Are you an early adopter?

So I’m just googling my mum (Sarah Beeson MBE) – like you do and look what I found…

The New Arrival

Our book on Pre-order on amazon for the bargain price of £6.12 (RRP £7.99 in UK)

It’s like being pregnant waiting for the book to come out. My mum just text me “31 weeks” till the book is published. At least I won’t have to be induced this time.

That makes me 9 weeks – should I even be telling people yet?

Our first book ‘The New Arrival’ is coming out on 27 March 2014 but hey ho no shame in being an early adopter – I’m one! Order one today, next payday…and tell your friends.

(P.S. first book – little bit excited).

It’s a warm, funny, moving look at 1970s London and my mum’s life as a young Hackney Nurse. It’s been the best writing gig of my life working with her on this book.